Thermik 2020


We will be at the Thermikmesse again this year. Come visit us and let us surprise you with our new XC Tracer Maxx.

On the weekend of the thermal fair on January 18th and 19th there will be a discount of 10% on all products in the webshop of XC Tracer. There will be no direct sales at the fair.

Simply fly intuitively: the new XC Tracer Maxx


We are pleased to present you our newest Vario, XC Tracer Maxx.

Pre-orders of the XC Tracer Maxx are now possible. The first XC Tracer Maxx will be delivered end of February 2020. Delivery will take place in the order of the orders received.

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Flarm Subvention



We have applied to the FOCA for a subsidy for flight instruments with Flarm. This application has been approved, according to the decision of the FOCA of June 2019, the subsidy amount is CHF 72 per instrument.

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Coupe Icare 2019


XC Tracer will be present with a booth at the 46th Coupe Icare at St Hilaire du Touvet from September 19th - 22nd 2019 . We look forward to meet you there and show you our newest XC Tracer. Come and see XC Tracer II Flarm and the successor of the famous XC Tracer Mini II GPS, the XC Tracer Mini III GPS. 

New: XC Tracer Mini III GPS


There is a new XC Tracer available, XC Tracer Mini III GPS. It is basically an XC Tracer Mini II GPS with a new chip for creating louder vario tones, and a new BLE chip, and a new enclosure. But why change the successful XC Tracer Mini II GPS that was used by more than 50% of the XAlps pilots? Click on the image to read more...

Firmware Update XC Tracer II Flarm


A new firmware R05 for XC Tracer II Flarm is available. The new version has an option to deactivate the obstacle alarm sound using a double tap on the vario. The sensor data fusion code got improved, and a small bug in the Flarm code fixed.

There is also new firmware R06 available for XC Tracer Mini II GPS, the improved sensor data fusion code got implemented here as well.

A new firmware for XC Tracer II will get released in the next days as well.