Subsidy Flarm 2021


FOCA has conditionally approved the application for the subsidy of XC Tracer Varios with Flarm for 2021. All pilots who purchased an XC Tracer II Flarm or an XC Tracer Maxx between 24.11.2020 and 31.12.2021 and have a SVH license can fill out a reclaim form. Please complete the application on your computer and email to no later than 12/31/2021.

Coupe Icare 2021


Please take note that we will not be present at Coupe Icare 2021. Due to the worsening situation with Covid 19 we have decided not to participate. It's an unfortunate situation, though at the moment this is the best for us. But we are looking forward to meet you at Coupe Icare 2022!

XAlps 2021


Did you know that about two-thirds of the athletes at XAlps 2021 use an XC Tracer variometer? Our Varios are top notch, have no time lag, are very precise, are very light and have a battery life of more than 24h. And our varios are very reliable too. Some athletes fly with XC Tracer Maxx, some with XC Tracer II Flarm and some with XC Tracer Mini GPS.

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XC Tracer Remote Control


The XC Tracer Remote Control (for Maxx) makes it possible that you have full control over your XC Tracer Maxx, without having to touch the vario. There is no need to release the brakes when you want to change screens or modify the settings. The RC is available from stock.

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XC Tracer Mini IV GPS


There is a new XC Tracer, XC Tracer Mini IV GPS. It's basically an XC Tracer Mini III GPS with USB-C. The MIVG has the same sensors as the XC Tracer Maxx. What's new with the MIVG is that data is only transmitted via BLE in flight.

The new vario can be ordered from XC Tracer's webshop, including free shipping worldwide. Customs and VAT are included when shipping to the EU.

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Obstacle Database


From now on, exclusively for every XC Tracer Maxx and every XC Tracer II Flarm you get a free obstacle database for one year from Flarm. Information about the Flarm obstacle database can be found here In the webshop of Flarm you can enter the voucher "FREEBIRD" during the order process. With this voucher you can get 1x obstacle database per device for free.