Flarm Traffic


The license of Flarm for XC Tracer has been extended. From now on, the traffic from all Flarm devices is displayed on the buddy screen and forwarded via BLE. For Maxx there is already a test firmwarea available, for XC Tracer II Flarm there will be a new version available in the next days.

XC Tracer Maxx Wind Estimation


We invest a lot in R&D, and one of the results is the outstanding wind estimation of XC Tracer Maxx. This works even when only soaring, there is no need to fly circles. A few seconds onto the flight and Maxx already displays the wind with astonishing accuracy.

Subsidy Flarm 2020


The FOCA has approved the application for the subsidy of XC Tracer Varios with Flarm for 2020 (subject to reservation). All pilots who purchased an XC Tracer II Flarm or XC Tracer Maxx in 2020 and have an SVH license can fill out a reclaim form. Please fill out the application on your computer and mail it to support@xctracer.com by 31.12.2020 at the latest.



The air spaces for the Maxx are finally here! Display with side view and top view, zoom levels can be selected. Screen update rate is up to 10Hz, warnings are integrated. Airspaces can be downloaded at XContest in XC Tracer format.

A first beta release R07_RC01 is available for download

Dolomity SuperFly 2020


Congratulations to Patrick von Känel, Christian Maurer and Sepp Inniger on their Swiss triple victory in the Dolomity SuperFly 2020! It was pleasure to watch the athletes racing through the Dolomites. Even better was to know that they have all been using an XC Tracer Maxx!

XC Tracer Maxx is an excellent choice for hike & fly adventures and races: Perfectly readable display even in bright sunshine, vario with no time-lag, integrated Flarm collision avoidence system, free live tracking with OGN, long battery life of up to 60h, very reliable, and light as a feather. And Swiss Made!

Click on the image for more information.

Fly safer with Maxx


In the latest firmware of the XC Tracer Maxx the automatic shutdown is deactivated. The Maxx has a long battery autonomy of up to 60h and sends out a Flarm signal twice per second during this time. In case a pilot is missing after a flight, this Flarm signal can be searched for up to 60h on Open Glider Network OGN and by Search And Rescue Services SAR.