XC Tracer II Flarm will be available from stock around end of March. In the meantime, we continue to optimize power consumption and integrate new features.

With XC Tracer II  Flarm it will be possible to give the BLE service its own name, up to 14 letters and numbers are available. So it will be easy at the launch site to find your own XC Tracer and pair it with your smartphone. We continue to minimize power consumption. Using prototypes we measured battery life up to 35 hours with IGC and KML logger running, active Flarm (sending and receiving data), and BLE data transfer.

What is also new is that it is now possible to connect ALL XC Tracer Varios equipped with BLE with a HM-10 BLE module (Thanks Manfred!). Instructions how to configure the HM-10 or HM-11 will be available for download in the following days.