A new firmware version for XC Tracer II Flarm is available, R05. During an obstacle alarm it is now possible to deactivate the alarm in applying a double tap on the vario. This feature can be very useful when thermalling close to a known cable. When applying double tap while the alarm sound is active will deactivate the obstacle alarm for the next 120s. This should be enough time to climb away from the cable. After these 120 seconds the obstacle alarm will be active again and warn you reliably from collisions with obstacles. 

Please take note that you need to have an obstacle database from Flarm installed in order to get collision warnings.

The sensor data fusion code has been improved as wall, and a small bug in the Flarm code has been fixed.

For Mini II GPS a new version R06 with the improved sensor data fusion code is available for download.

In the next days there will also follow an update for XC Tracer II.