There is a new XC Tracer available, XC Tracer Mini III GPS. It is basically an XC Tracer Mini II GPS with a new chip for creating louder vario tones, and a new BLE chip, and a new enclosure. But why change the successful XC Tracer Mini II GPS that was used by more than 50% of the XAlps pilots? 

The switch that is used for switching on/off and changing the volume is no longer in production. So we had to modify the pcb anyway for a new switch, that would have been easy. But this required changes in the mold for the red button. But the molding company didn't want to do it. So we had to order a new mold from a different company. But would it be wise to produce just the same thing, or incorporate the lessons learned (how to make louder vario tones for example) while developing XC Tracer II Flarm? In the interest of the customers we decided to integrate louder vario tones. But this requires different software too, so in the end we needed a new name in order not to have any confusion with firmware updates. That's why the new vario is called XC Tracer Mini III GPS. The new vario is avaible from stock in the webshop from,free shipping worldwide included. 



  • Size: 44.5 x 44.5 x 16.5 mm
  • Weight 34g
  • Scratch resistant solar panel with 22.5% efficiency
  • 20h+ battery autonomy without sunshine
  • Lag Free audio feedback
  • GPS Modul with concurrent reception of signals from GPS, Glosnass und Galileo satellites.
  • BLE Modul, iOS and Android compatible
  • 1 led for status indication
  • LiPo battery with low discharge protection circuit
  • LiPo charger integrated
  • ARM Cortex-M4F processor
  • Easy firmware update over USB / drag & drop
  • SanDisk Ultra microSDHC 8 GB
  • 2 Micro USB cables
  • Swiss Made