We have applied to the FOCA for a subsidy for flight instruments with Flarm. This application has been approved, according to the decision of the FOCA of June 2019, the subsidy amount is CHF 72 per instrument.

For the refund we need a copy of your SHV hang glider licence, your address and a copy of the purchase receipt. Send the completed form including a copy of the purchase receipt and SHV license to by 31.12.2019 at the latest.

If the documents are sent in within the set deadline and the customer fulfils the conditions of the FOCA, we will forward the submitted documents to FOCA for inspection. As soon as we have received the money from the federal government, the payment will then be made to the customers from around mid-2020.

Important: According to the FOCA's ruling, the subsidy only applies to 300 XC Tracer II Flarm units. For 2020 we will submit a new application to FOCA for a reduction in the price of XC Tracer Varios with Flarm.