In the latest firmware of the XC Tracer Maxx the automatic shutdown is deactivated. The Maxx has a long battery autonomy of up to 60h and sends out a Flarm signal twice per second during this time. In case a pilot is missing after a flight, this Flarm signal can be searched for up to 60h on Open Glider Network OGN and by Search And Rescue Services SAR.

Please switch off the vario after the flight, otherwise the vario runs until the battery is empty!

This is what live tracking looks like in the glider tracker, here high above the glaciers in the Bernese Alps.

This is a photo from the same day.

With the Maxx we have also implemented a SAR function. The last received position of the pilots stored as buddies is continuously stored in the Maxx. This information can be viewed in the menu / Buddy / SAR Buddy, here is a screenshot of it. The position, the altitude, and the status (in the air / landed) is stored. This can be very helpful if a pilot is missing after a flight.

You can easily add Buddies. Switch on the Maxx and the other vario with Flarm and wait until both devices have GPS reception. Then select Buddy in the Menu / Buddy / Add Buddy, and select and save the ID of the other device.