The air spaces for Maxx are finally here! Display with side view and top view, zoom levels can be selected. Screen update rate is up to 10Hz. Airspaces can be downloaded from XContest in XC Tracer format. Download and install XC_Tracer_Maxx_R07_RC_01.iap.

Create a folder "Airspace" on the SD card of Maxx and copy the file airspaces.bin into this folder.

This is what it looks like when you fly towards an airspace. The horizontal and vertical distance to the next airspace is displayed. The airspace is displayed as a moving map, so you can see immediately if you are approaching an airspace or not. 

You can define 2 warnings, 1x Aware that you are near an airspace, and 1x Warning that you might fly into the airspace soon. As soon as you are in an airspace, 2 arrows like in the picture above show the shortest way out of the airspace.