From now on, exclusively for every XC Tracer Maxx and every XC Tracer II Flarm you get a free obstacle database for one year from Flarm. Information about the Flarm obstacle database can be found here In the webshop of Flarm you can enter the voucher "FREEBIRD" during the order process. With this voucher you can get 1x obstacle database per device for free. This database is valid for one year. The serial number of Flarm (FLATMXCTW-00xxxx) can be found for XC Tracer Maxx either in the "Device Info" or in the config file, and for XC Tracer II Flarm in the config file. Customers who have already purchased an obstacle database this year can get an obstacle database for free next year, according to Flarm. Please note that only one obstacle database can be installed, it is not possible to install 2 databases at the same time on the XC Tracer.

To install, copy the obstacle database to the SD card and press the red button. Please note that the installation of the obstacle database takes several minutes.

After installation, set obstacleWarnings=2x in the config file of the XC Tracer II Flarm. On the Maxx, short click / long click into the settings, then short click to navigate to Tone & Alarm Settings, and set ObstacleWarnings=2x. With this setting you will be warned of the same obstacle 2x. After that, during the same flight, you will no longer get warned about this same obstacle. This can be helpful in case the first thermal is near a gondola or cable car.

For questions regarding obstacle database please refer to Flarm homepage.