The new vario can be ordered in the XC Tracer webshop, including free shipping worldwide. Customs and VAT are included when shipping to the EU. Please note that there is a worldwide shortage of electronic components. Therefore no reliable delivery times can be given. Delivery of ordered Varios will be in the order of received orders. 

Technical data

Size: 44.5 x 44.5 x 16.5 mm
Weight 34g
Solar panel with 22.5% efficiency
20h+ battery autonomy without sunshine
Lag Free audio feedback
GPS Modul with concurrent reception of signals from GPS, Glosnass und Galileo satellites.
BLE Modul, iOS and Android compatible
1 led for status indication
LiPo battery with low discharge protection circuit
LiPo charger integrated
ARM Cortex processor
Easy firmware update over USB / drag & drop
SanDisk Ultra microSDHC 8 GB
1 USB-C cable
Swiss Made