The XC Tracer Remote Control (for Maxx) makes it possible that you have full control over your XC Tracer Maxx, without having to touch the vario. There is no need to release the brakes when you want to change screens or modify the settings. You can do all this using the RC that is attached to your risers. But one thing is not possible: To switch off the Maxx using the RC. And double click is not supported too. Everything else is identical to the red button of Maxx. So no time needed to get familiar with the RC, you already know how to use it. You will like it from the first moment you use it!

The RC is available from stock, selling at CHF 89.- / Euro 79.-.

The RC is a low power device and only consumes power when you press the button. A fresh battery will last for years of flying. But take care when you stow away the RC, make sure that nothing does press on the red button. This may full discharge the battery in a few days.

How do you pair the RC with Maxx? Very easy: Switch on Maxx as you would when you go flying. Then put the RC very close to the Maxx, preferably to the left side where the USB connector is. Then press the red button of the RC until you hear a short beep. Once this is done then the RC is paired. If you are not successful then try again. You will need to press and hold the button for 10-15 seconds until the pairing is done. The pairing needs only to be done once, Maxx will now always remember the RC.