You can easily connect XC Tracerto a Kobo, without the need to modifiy the Kobo. This was tested with the actual version of the XC Tracer firmware and a Kobo Mini as well as with a Kobo Glo Hd.. But it should work too with LK800 and other Kobo models.

An USB cable for the connection of XC Tracer and Kobo will be available in the webshop of XC Tracer in roughly 8 weeks. But please be aware that for this to work you need a powerbank for that you can power the USB interface of the Kobo during the flight. I made good experiences with ISY powerbanks, but any powerbank of good quality will do the job.

  • Install the newest version of XC Soar.
  • After booting XC Soar choose System / Enable USB-OTG
  • Reboot the Kobo, and then choose ttyACM0 in XC Soar Config/ Devices. Choose LXNAV as driver
  • Install the actual XC Tracer Firmware XC_Tracer_V1.0_R04.bin (104 KB)
  • Set stringToSend=LXWP0 und forwardGPSSentences=yes in the XC Tracer config file
  • Connect Kobo and XC Tracer using a USB Splitter Cable and a power bank
  • Switch on first XC Tracer einschalten, then switch on the Kobo
  • If the connection of Kobo and XC Tracer does not immediately work then choose config / devices and deactivate / activate the port that you have configured to ttyACM0 / LXNAV. Now the conneciton will be ok.