On July 2nd Chrigel Maurer started for the fifth time for the Red Bull X-Alps, the paragliding bivouac race over 1100 kilometers, which had led every two years from Salzburg to Monaco. For the fifth time he also managed to bathe as the first of the 32 athletes in the Mediterranean! This time, however, the track was even longer, the weather even more difficult and the competition even faster. Also, he had overload problems on the foot and knee and it was a scheduling and tactics to the finish. Overjoyed, of course, that it was enough! 

Chrigel has chosen to fly with an XC Tracer because for him this is the best combination of backup vario and backup tracker with minmal weight and an excellent reliabilty. During the XAlps the XC Tracer got charged over night to be sure that enough energy will be available for a long racing day. XC Tracer was used up to 17.5h on the same day in the XAlps. After the XAlps Chrigel never again charged the XC Tracer and was using the instrument for all his flights, including the attempts to break the world record in Brazil. There the flights lasted up to 10-11h, but it was never necessary to charge the battery.


Gavin Mcglurg USA1 used an XC Tracer for his Hike & Fly adventure in Alaska, and this year Gavin is flying with the XC Tracer II. 


Claudio Heidel Schemberger ARGTobias Grossrubatscher ITA2Jesse Williams USA2 and Simon Oberrauner AUT4 are also flying with XC Tracer IIs during the Red Bull X-Alps 2017.