In collaboration with an external company for 10 months a completely new sensor data fusion code for XC Tracer II / XC Tracer Mini II GPS go developed. Many flights have been made, and very often there have been up to 8 variometers attached to the cockpit, checking if the varios all beep synchronously.

At the same time data got logged, so that it was possible to analyze the data later in the office. An example looks like this:

This new sensor data fusion code will get used in all future XC Tracer variometers. What is also new is the precise wind estimation that was integrated in the code. Even the small XC Tracer Mini II GPS has the wind estimation integrated. And all this in a small device, with a weight of only 34 grams, fully powered by a solar panel!

Not only the data from the GPS are used for the wind estimation, but also the data from accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and pressure sensor.