XC Tracer II Flarm is a solar-variometer with integrated FLARM for paraglider and hangglider pilots. XC Tracer II FLARM does send a FLARM beacon, so that other aircraft will see you. As an option it is also possible to receive signals from the traffic around you. In flight tests signals from other aircraft up to 29km away have been recorded. In addition to this you can also optionally use the obstacle collision warning system from FLARM. This feature will upgrade the FLARM system to also warn about imminent obstacle collisions. Currently available from FLARM is the widely used obstacle database for the Alps region. It includes around 44.000 obstacles in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, and France. The obstacle database engine and collision algorithms make it possible to handle complex obstacle types. This includes segmented and split power lines and cableways, including types which cross mountain tops.

Besides this XC Tracer II FLARM has all the features of XC Tracer Mini II GPS / XC Tracer II: The vario has the time-lagfree indication of lift/sink rate that makes it much easier to find and core thermals than when using a conventional variometer. You can use XC Tracer II FLARM also as an IGC and KML logger, both files are logged in parallel, and the IGC files are accepted by FAI for paragliding competitions. There is a lithium polymer battery built in, when fully charged the battery has enough energy to power XC Tracer II FLARM for more than 25h hours without sunshine (Active FLARM, receiving data from traffic around you). The battery will get charged with power from the high efficiency solar cells during the flight, but you can charge the battery also over the Micro USB cable that is shipped with XC Tracer II FLARM. There is also a Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 4.02 module built in. You can configure the BLE strings that you want to send to your phone, tablet or e-reader using a simple configuration file. And of course does the variometer indicate the climb / sink rate with beeping tones. And the good thing is that you can modify the tone settings as you wish, please check the tone simulator here.

Pre-sale of XC Tracer II FLARM will start in October, available exclusively in the webshop of XC Tracer. The first units will ship in February 2019.

Technical Specification

  • FLARM beacon/receive messages (optional)/obstacle database (optional)
  • Instant indication of climb/sink rate – no time lag
  • Data transmission to cell phone/tablet/e-reader using BLE 4.2 and/or USB
  • IGC and KML logger
  • Many compatible Apps for Android/iOS
  • Scratch resistant solar panel
  • User configurable acoustics/tone setting with tone simulator at www.xctracer.com
  • Accelerometer/compass/gyro/GPS/BLE/FLARM
  • Minimum 25-hours runtime without recharging
  • Firmware update by drag-and drop
  • Size 57.5 x 57.5 x 17.5 mm and 33.5 mm for the antenna
  • Weight 67g
  • Swiss made