XC Tracer will present a new variometer at the Thermikmesse in Stuttgart January 13th/14th, the XC Tracer Mini II. The new microprocessor of XC Tracer Mini II made it possible to develop a vastly improved sensor data fusion software. With this new code it got even more easy to fly in thermals.

XC Tracer Mini II is a purely acoustical variometer. To find and core thermals with XC Tracer Mini II is very easy due to the time-lag free indication of the climb/sink rate.


  • real time indication of climb/sink rate
  • Easiest Operation
  • Firmware Update per Drag & Drop
  • Free configurable tone settings, tone simulator on internet
  • State of the art electroncis using a 9-DOF IMU and Mems pressure sensor
  • Solar cell with efficiency of 22.5%
  • Power reserve without sun shine of 20h with fully charged battery
  • Size: 44.5 x 44.5 x 16.5 mm
  • Weight 30g


For the beginning of the season there is a discount of 10% on all XC Tracer varios. The discount applies to orders on the Thermikmesse in Stuttgart and for all online orders on Januar 13th and 14th. XC Tracer II is on stock, shipping of XC Mini Tracer II will start end of February.