X-Alps 2019


The XC Tracer Solar-Varios are perfect for Hike & Fly. The Varios are made for the greatest demands under extreme conditions. That's why Chrigel Maurer, Patrick von Känel, Adrian Keller, Paul Guschlbauer, Simon Oberrauner, Helmut Schrempf, Helmuth Anders, Manuel Nübel, Markus Anders, Tobias Grossrubatscher, Nick Neynens, Gavin McClurg, Willi Canell, Evgenii Griaznov, Eduardo Garza and Rodolphe Akl all fly a Variometer from XC Tracer. Most use an XC Tracer Mini II GPS, Nick flies with a Flarm, and 2 pilots use the same XC Tracers as on the X-Alps 2017.

Champions fly on XC Tracer!

Supertestival Kössen 2019


We are at the Super Paragliding Testival in Kössen. This is your opportunity to test the XC Tracer II Flarm. Or try the XC Tracer Mini II GPS, the Vario which will be flown by the majority of Red Bull X-Alps participants in 2019.

XC Tracer II Flarm available from stock


XC Tracer II Flarm is now available from stock. Shipping to the EU always takes place on Monday. Shipping to all other countries including Switzerland is usually done within 1-2 days after placind the order. XC Tracer Mini II and XC Tracer Mini II GPS are also available from stock.

XC Tracer II Flarm


XC Tracer II Flarm will be available from stock around end of March. In the meantime, we continue to optimize power consumption and integrate new features.

Thermikmesse 2019


A new vario will be presented at the XC Tracer booth at the Thermikmesse 12th/13 January 2019 in Stuttgart: XC Tracer II FLARM.


XC Tracer II Flarm


XC Tracer II Flarm will available for pre-order exclusively in the webshop of XC Tracer, starting 10th of November 2018. Delivery is expected to start before end of February 2019.

XC Tracer II Flarm does transmit a FLARM beacon, so that other aircraft around you will know that you are there. But the vario does also receive FLARM messages from paragliders and hang gliders, so you will be able to see where your buddies are.