XC Tracer II Flarm


XC Tracer II Flarm will be available from stock around end of March. In the meantime, we continue to optimize power consumption and integrate new features.

Thermikmesse 2019


A new vario will be presented at the XC Tracer booth at the Thermikmesse 12th/13 January 2019 in Stuttgart: XC Tracer II FLARM.


XC Tracer II Flarm


XC Tracer II Flarm will available for pre-order exclusively in the webshop of XC Tracer, starting 10th of November 2018. Delivery is expected to start before end of February 2019.

XC Tracer II Flarm does transmit a FLARM beacon, so that other aircraft around you will know that you are there. But the vario does also receive FLARM messages from paragliders and hang gliders, so you will be able to see where your buddies are.

New Firmware for XC Tracer varios with GPS


There is new firmware available for all XC Tracer varios with GPS.

USB cables available in webshop


The USB - Micro USB charger and data cable as well as the Micro USB -  Micro USB OTG cable for directly connecting an XC Tracer II or an XC Tracer Mini II GPS withouth an external battery are now available in the webshop. These high quality cables are specally made for XC Tracer varios, there is no other place in the web where you can buy them.



XC Tracer II FLARM the newest variometer from XC Tracer. The vario has the same features like XC Tracer II / XC Tracer Mini II GPS; but in additon to this XC Tracer II FLARM does send a FLARM beacon, so that you get visible to other aircraft / hanggliders / paragliders that are equipped with FLARM. Optional there is also the possibility to receive FLARM signals from other aircraft, and it is even possible to optionally install the obstacle collision warning system from FLARM.