Fly safer with Maxx


In the latest firmware of the XC Tracer Maxx the automatic shutdown is deactivated. The Maxx has a long battery autonomy of up to 60h and sends out a Flarm signal twice per second during this time. In case a pilot is missing after a flight, this Flarm signal can be searched for up to 60h on Open Glider Network OGN and by Search And Rescue Services SAR.

Eigertour 2020


Congratulations to Sepp Inniger and Tommy Friedrich for the great race at Eigertour 2020. Both are on the podium, with rank 2 for Sepp and rank 3 for Tommy. We are looking forward for an thrilling Red Bull X-Alps 2021!

And which flight instrument did they use for the race? An XC Tracer Maxx! A featherweight vario with no time lag, a perfectly readable screen, and with an integrated Flarm anti-collision system. Simply perfect for hike & fly.

Firmware Update


For almost all XC Tracer Varios new firmware can be installed, information about the new version can be found in the changelogs.

XC Tracer Maxx


Do you want to know how the Maxx looks like when flying? Then click on the photo!

XC Tracer Maxx


We are pleased to present you our newest Vario, the XC Tracer Maxx.

Pre-orders of the XC Tracer Maxx are now possible. Delivery is planned by end of February and will be made in the order of the received orders.

Thermik 2020


This year we were again at the Thermikmesse and presented the new XC Tracer Maxx. We received a lot of positive feedback about our products and had many interesting conversations and contacts. Thanks to the customers who didn't let us die of thirst and brought us something to drink!

Information about the new XC Tracer Maxx can be found here.