Connection with a Kobo


You can easily connect XC Tracer to a Kobo, without the need to modifiy the Kobo.

Firmware XC Tracer


A new firmware for XC Tracer is almost finished. Many lessons learned with XC Tracer Mini have been used to develop a new firmware for XC Tracer.

Coupe Icare 2016


XC Tracer will be present with a booth at Coupe Icare.

New Firmware


New firmware versions are available for XC Tracer and XC Tracer Mini.

Firmware XC Tracer Mini


There was intensive programming ongoing during the past few weeks for new firmware releases for XC Tracer and XC Tracer Mini. These new version have also been tested in fligth.

XC Tracer Mini is on stock


XC Tracer and XC Tracer Mini are both on stock and will get shipped within 1-2 business days after an order got placed. The preordered XC Tracer Mini have all been shipped to customers.