USB OTG Splitter Cable


The USB OTG Splitter Cable for XC Tracer is finally here. With this cable you can connect a Kobo without any hardware modifications to your XC Tracer. This high quality cable is available in the webshop, there are enough cables on stock.

Firmware XC Tracer


The new firmware for XC Tracer is released.

Shipping the XC Tracer II


The first XC Tracer II have been shipped today. By end of next week probably all preordered XC Tracer II will have been shipped.

Work is Fun


To develop a variometer means a lot of work. Sometime this is real fun, for example when testing the performance of different GPS of different variometer prototypes.

Connection with a Kobo


You can easily connect XC Tracer to a Kobo, without the need to modifiy the Kobo.

Firmware XC Tracer


A new firmware for XC Tracer is almost finished. Many lessons learned with XC Tracer Mini have been used to develop a new firmware for XC Tracer.