“I have used my XCTracer for everything from the X-Alps to world record attempts – it is 100% dependable”

Chrigel Maurer, 5 x X-Alps Winner, Switzerland


“XC Tracer is really the future of varios. It has zero time lag, weighs nothing, you never need to charge it, logs IGC files, connects instantly via bluetooth to my phone every time without a hitch. XC Tracer Varios are the best varios on the market today”

Gavin McClurg, adventurer, USA


“Since getting the XCTracer my thermalling has become more fine-tuned. I can match what the vario is telling me with what my wing’s doing – the zero-lag performance really helps”

Theo Warden, 2018 European Paragliding Champion


“Very sensitive compared with other varios – really gives you an advantage in weak climbs”

Florian Sanchez, XC pilot, France


"I bought an XC Tracer vario and liked it so much that I became the UK importer!"

Tim Pentreath, XC pilot, United Kingdom 


 “It’s completely synchronised with what you feel in your mind and body. I really like how configurable the tone is – mine is a nice steady tone”

Stefan Bernhard, World Cup pilot, Germany


“The Mini GPS 2 gives me an amazing read on the winds, which really helps when trying to run the convergence lines over the flatlands”

Steve Rohrbaugh, XC pilot, USA


“The best instrument I’ve used in 33 years of gliding”

Dean Crosby, flying guide, Brazil


“I’m really happy with mine. Easy to use, and it improves the accuracy of XCTrack 100%”

Piero Gavinelli, World Cup pilot, Italy