How to access to the memory of the XCTracer | Put it on USB MSD (Mass Storage Device) mode

In order to use the XCTracer in USB_MSD (Mass Storage Device) mode and to have access to the tracks, to the configuration file and to be able to do the updates you have to : 

  1. Plug the XCTracer (swtiched off) to a computer via an USB cable.
  2. Switch on the XCTracer (push the red button for more or less 1 second). 

Voila; you now have access to the XCTracer USB MSD mode !

How to do the firmware updates ?

  1. Put the XCTracer in USB_MSD mode
  2. Download on this page the update file (.iap for the 2ndgeneration | .bin for the 1st)
  3. Copy the file (you can do a "Drag and drop" or copy paste) from your download file to the XCTracer memory
  4. Push the red button of the XCTracer for roughly 1 second, the device should make some bips and switch off

The new firmware is now succesfully installed !

IMPORTANT NOTE: The new firmware version will be shown on the configuration file only after the device will be turned on in flight mode.