What is the advantage of an XC Tracer variometer compared to a conventional variometer?

XC Tracer has no time lag, unlike conventional variometers is XC Tracer a real time variometer and has no time lag. What you feel and what XC Tracer indicates do perfectly match. It's much easier to core thermals when using XC Tracer, especially in weak conditions. You can check yourself in the forums, many pilots report the same thing: Low safes they think would not have been possible without XC Tracer, still flying in weak conditions when their buddies without an XC Tracer had to land already. Many competition pilots already use XC Tracer, among them are some of the best pilots of the world.

Just one example of feedback from Dean Crosby: "Love the XC Tracer! Best vario I''ve flown within 33 years of flying". 


When I order now, when do I get my XC Tracer?

All of our products are on stock.
Shipping to customers in the EU is done once a week on Monday, shipping to customers outside EU is normally done within 1-2 business days.


Is Customs and VAT included in the purchase price?

For customers in the EU and Switzerland the VAT, customs and shipping are included in the sales price. For all other customers the VAT and custom duties are not included.

Does XC Tracer record IGC files?

Yes, XC Tracer record IGC files, including a G-record, with 1Hz. Both pressure altitude (QNH 1013.25) and GPS altitude are recorded for the IGC file. If you prefer you can choose to log KML files with 5Hz. 

Does  XC Tracer support many apps/programs?

Yes, you have the choice what information will be sent over BLE. You can choose the output in the configuration file, the options are XCTRACER, LK8EX1, LXWP0, FlyNet, and BlueFly. Please choose only one of them. And choose the one that is compatible with your app. Please do not make the BLE pairing in iOS or Android, make the pairing in the app!

FlyskyHy (iOS): BLE string XCTRACER 

Skylogger (iOS): BLE string XCTRACER

Thermgeek (iOS): BLE string XCTRACER

XCSoar (Android, Kobo): BLE string LXWP0, choose LXNAV as driver in XCSoar

TopHat (Android, Kobo): BLE string LXWP0

TheVariometer (iOS): LXWP0 or XCTRC or LK8EX1

FlyMe (Android): BLE string LXWP0, or BLE string XCTRACER

Androflight (Android): BLE string XCTRACER

XCTrack (Android): BLE string LXWP0

FreeFlight & FreeFlight Pro (iOS): BLE string LXWP0

The tone simulator does not work

Use Chrome as browser on your Mac or PC, then it will work. Everything else may / maynot work.

Does the solar cell charge the battery when the vario is switched off?


Can I update the firmware?

Yes, this is very easy to do. You will find the instructions in the user manual. Simply download the newest firmware and copy this file using drag & drop to the SD card of XC Tracer. Then switch off XC Tracer in pressing the red button for roughly one second. The new firmware will then get installed and XC Tracer will be switched off.

I can't see the content of the SD card in Windows Explorer or in Finder

If you can't see the SD card of XC Tracer in the explorer or finder then it might be that the SD card is simply not inserted in the SD card slot of XC Tracer. Or it might be that you use an USB cable that is good for charging your phone, but does not transfer any data. So please check that the SD card is inserted and that you use an USB cable that supports data transfer.

I can't find the config file on the SD card

The solution is simple: Update with the newest firmware. Power on XC Tracer and wait until the orange Led begins to blink. Then power off XC Tracer. Now the config file will be stored on the SD card. You can change the config file then on the computer, please see the user manual. Please don't upload config files to the SD card. It's XC Tracer that writes the config file, and then you can change or choose the options. When you start XC Tracer the next time then the changes in the config wile are uploaded and stored in the eeprom of XC Tracer.

What is the PIN code of the BLE module of XC Tracer?

000000, XC Tracer II BLE does not need a PIN code

Are there any instructions for XCSoar on Kobo?

Thomas Ruf has programmed a special version of XCSoar for Kobo and XC Tracer. You can find useful information about this version here www.windeckfalken.de/xcsoar-en. Once XCSoar is installed on the Kobo then there is the possibility to pair the BLE module of Kobo and XC Tracer using "Tools" in XCSoar, and then please click on "Bluetooth_HM10-Initialize" and wait. Normally the pairing is done with the first attempt, if not successful then please try again. But this only works when the BLE module is mounted properly into Kobo and when the connections are soldered correctly. And during the pairing process it's a must that the BLE modules of Kobo and XC Tracer are not connected to another BLE module, since in this case the BLE modul of Kobo will simply ignore the AT-commands, and the pairing will not be done. Here is an image how the HM-10 is mounted in the Kobo Mini, and here is an image how a HM-11 is mounted in a Kobo Glo. Please also check in the different forums, there you can find a lot of information how to modify a Kobo. 

An alternative way is to use a Teensy microcontroller to pair a BLE module with XC Tracer. Please check the download section, there is an Arduino script that you can download with a short description how to pair the BLE modules of Kobo and XC Tracer.