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Whether beginner or pro - with the XC Tracer Maxx II you fly more intuitively than ever before. It is not that XC Tracer Varios are only for professionals, rather the opposite. Professionals like Chrigel have been flying for so long that it doesn't make a big difference to them if the beep from the vario and what you feel don't match. For pilots with not so much flying experience, flying an XC Tracer Maxx II becomes an intuitive experience, what the vario beeps and what you feel matches perfectly. You will be amazed how easy it is to fly in thermals with an XC Tracer.


Technical specifications

  • High resolution B&W LCD, 536x336 pixels, 76x47mm, perfect readability
  • Tempered and mirrorless glass for LCD cover
  • Size: 92x68x18mm
  • Weight 120g
  • 70h battery life
  • Easy operation
  • Delay free display of climb / descent
  • FLARM / FANET, integrated antenna
  • FANET display of position and altitude of buddies
  • Open source obstacle database
  • Data transfer via BLE to mobile phone/tablet/e-reader
  • IGC and KML logger, approved by FAI for competitions
  • Many compatible apps for Android/iOS
  • Freely configurable sound settings/sound simulator on
  • Accelerometer/Compass/Gyro/Baro/GPS/BLE/FLARM/FANET
  • GPS module with simultaneous reception of GPS, Glonass and Galileo Firmware update via drag & drop, USB-C connection
  • CE & FCC certification
  • Swiss made

XC Tracer Maxx II

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