You want to know where your buddies, who also have a vario with built-in Flarm, fly? Then this screen is the right one for you. You can define up to 8 buddies and give them names. If you are at the take off and want to add a friend, simply switch on your XC Tracer Maxx and the vario of your friend, and then in the settings of XC Tracer Maxx add the vario of your friend as a buddy with a few clicks on the red button.

Up to 100 Flarm of paraglider and hangglider pilots will be displayed. These are the small black dots (is flying) or the small triangles (is on the ground). The buddies are displayed with big dots and triangles, and then the climb / sink rate and the altitude are also displayed.

In addition, the position and altitude as well as the status of your buddies is continuously stored in the vario. This can be very helpful when a pilot is missing. If you have saved this pilot as a buddy you can check on your vario where his last known position was. This feature can be very helpful in search and rescue operations. You can also use your XC Tracer Maxx as a search device, as all nearby Flarm devices are displayed on the screen.

As XC Tracer Maxx is CE and FCC certified, you can fly legally in many countries. And the frequencies from the Flarm beacon are automatically adjusted to always work in the right frequency band, worldwide!