XC Tracer Mini II is an acoustic variometer powered by a solar cell. The lag-free indication of lift / sink makes it much easier to find and core thermals than when using a conventional variometer. Compared to the legendary XC Tracer the sensor data fusion got vastly improved, making flying in thermals even more convenient.

XC Tracer Mini II has a built-in solar cell that delivers 3x more energy than is needed for running the device (when oriented perpendicular to the sun). The surplus energy is stored in a lithium polymer battery. The variometer will run for 20 hours with a fully charged battery without any sun. And the good thing is that you can modify the tone settings as you wish, please check the tone simulator here.


Technical specification

  • Time-lag free indication of climb / sink rate
  • Extremely easy operation
  • Firmware update by Drag & Drop
  • User configurable acoustics / tone setting with tone simulator
  • State of the arte electronics including a 9-DOF IMU and mems pressure sensor
  • Solar cell with 22.5% efficiency
  • Runtime with fully charged battery and without sunshine 8-12h, depending on volume setting
  • Size: 44.5 x 44.5 x 16.5 mm
  • Weight 30g