XCTracer Mini II GPS is a solar vario / GPS, simple anf performant. It may weight only 34 grams but it has more than one trick up its sleeve !

Lag-free audio feedback

Conventionnals variometers have the major flaw of having a lag between the airmass activity and the audio feedback. XCTracer Mini II GPS gives a lag free audio feedback due to the use of an accelerometer combined with the barometer. This allows to be way more efficient in thermals, especillay in weak conditions !

It is possible to customize the audio feedback sound to your taste here

GPS Logger

XC Tracer Mini II GPS logs a .IGC and .KML file in parrallel. The .IGC files are accepted by F.A.I. for paragliding competitions. 

Exeptional autonomy

Don't be surprised not to have to charge it for a full season !

There is a lithium polymer battery built in, when fully charged the battery has enough energy to power XC Tracer Mini II GPS for more than 20h hours without sunshine.
But since the battery gets charged when it's exposed to sunlight (even when the device is turned off) by the solar cell you get an almost inifinite autonomy !
You can also charge the battery via the Micro USB cable included

Bluetooth and USB connectivity

The Bluetooth BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) 4.0 module built in allows you to connect the Mini II GPS to your favorite app (see list here) on your Android /iOS / Kobo device. 

USB connection is also possible.

You can configure the BLE strings that you want to send to your phone, tablet or e-reader using a simple configuration file.


One button and that's all.
You'll use it to switch on / switch off the device and to chose the volume from 0 (silence) to 3 (loud)

Configuration is made via an intuitive text file. If you struggle with the updates or just to access to the XCTracer memory check out this page.

Flight Log

We highly recommand you the software LogFly ! Intuitive and compatible with the XCTracer. Don't bother counting your hours anymore ! It does everything by itself and provides many interesting statistics !


  • Size: 44.5 x 44.5 x 16.5 mm
  • Weight 34g
  • Scratch resistant solar panel with 22.5% efficiency
  • 20h+ battery autonomy without sunshine
  • GPS Modul with concurrent reception of signals from GPS, Glosnass und Galileo satellites.
  • BLE Modul, iOS and Android compatible
  • 1 led for status indication
  • LiPo battery with low discharge protection circuit
  • LiPo charger integrated
  • ARM Cortex-M4F processor
  • Easy firmware update over USB / drag & drop
  • SanDisk Ultra microSDHC 8 GB
  • 2 Micro USB cables
  • Swiss Made