XC Tracer II

XC Tracer II is the succesor of XC Tracer, a proven and reliable flight instrument for paraglider pilots. Many pilots use XC Tracer for competitions and for long XC flights. The time-lag free indication of the climb/sink rate using beeping tones makes it much easier to find and core thermals then when using a conventional variometer.

You can use XC Tracer II also as an IGC logger, the IGC files are accepted by FAI for paragliding competitions. The battery will be charged from the high efficiency solar cells, but you can charge the battery also over the Micro USB cable that is shipped with XC Tracer II. You can send data like speed, altitude, climb rate, heading etc over BLE or over USB to a smartphone, a tablet or an e-reader. With XC Tracer II you can even send data over to a Kobo Mini or a Kobo Glo HD without the need of an external battery, nor is it necessary to modify the Kobo. Just upload the flight software you want to the Kobo, that's it.


XC Tracer Mini II

XC Tracer Mini II is an acoustic variometer powered by a solar cell. The lag-free indication of lift / sink makes it much easier to find and core thermals than when using a conventional variometer. Compared to the legendary XC Tracer the variometer the sensor data fusion algorithm got vastly improved.

XC Tracer Mini II has a built-in solar cell that delivers 3x more energy than is needed for running the device (when oriented perpendicular to the sun). The surplus energy is stored in a lithium polymer battery. The variometer will run for 20 hours with a fully charged battery without any sun.


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