Simply fly intuitively: the new XC Tracer Maxx
Maximum compactness
The world's first integrated FLARM antenna, one single control button.
Maximum precision
Legendary sensitive vario technology - with no time lag, Swiss made
Maximum proven
Red Bull X-Alps, world records and countless other pilots swear by XC Tracer technology.
Maximum intuitive
Screens reduced to the essentials allow intuitive flying.
Maximum simplicity
Icons instead of text for effortless interpretation - you don't have to read a manual.
Maximum endurance
At least 60 hours battery life.
Maximum weight saving
The XC Tracer Maxx weighs only 120 grams.
Maximum social
You can always see where your Buddies are.
Maximum for all
Whether you're a beginner or a pro - with the XC Tracer Maxx you fly more intuitively than ever before.

XC Tracer Mini IV GPS

34 grams of state of the art technology.
Easy, performant, customisable and autonomous vario / GPS