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XC Tracer is an advanced flight instrument for paragliders, using data from an 9-DOF IMU, from a pressure sensor and from a GPS to compute the real time climb rate and altitude, avoiding the undesired time lag that conventional variometers have due to data filtering. It is very easy to fly in thermals with XC Tracer, since what you feel and what the variometer indicates do perfectly match. 

The GPS provides also real time flight speed and direction. All the relevant information is then packed together in a custom data string and sent over a Bluetooth Low Energy module to an iOS or Android tablet or phone. And of course the variometer indicates the climb / sink rate with beeping tones. 



XC Tracer is simple to use. You can use it as a standalone variometer, indicating the climb / sink rate using beeping tones. Just switch the device on and take off. Or you can use XC Tracer as an IGC or KML file logger. Or you can pair XC Tracer with a phone or a tablet and use one of the popular apps developed for paragliders and hanggliders. Or you can use XC Tracer with the above mentioned features all together.






Configurable Data Output

XC Tracer has no display built in. Data generated with XC Tracer can be sent out over Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 4.0 to a tablet or a phone, or even to a modified e-reader like the Kobo Mini. The advantage of this is that you can just use the app that fits best your needs. There is a wide variety of apps availble that can be used with XC Tracer.

Using a configuration file stored on the SD card the user can choose the format of the data string to be sent over BLE. The configuration file enables also to set the minimum climb rate, the beep tone intervals, IGC / KML related settings etc.





Vario Without Delay

Concentional variometers have a time lag of 0.5-2 seconds. Unlike conventional variometers XC Tracer does not rely only on the pressure sensor for the variometer / altimeter function, but combines data from the pressure sensor with data from a 9-DOF IMU and the GPS. This enables an instant reaction of the device to changes in altitude. XC Tracer is very fast and precise, but without beeing nervous.



XC Tracer will present a new variometer at the Thermikmesse in Stuttgart January 13th/14th, the XC Tracer Mini II. The new microprocessor of XC Tracer Mini II made it possible to develop a vastly improved sensor data fusion software. With this new code it got even more easy to fly in thermals.

Red Bull XAlps 2017

6 athletes used a XC Tracer for the Red Bull XAlps 2017.