Does  XC Tracer support many apps/programs?

Yes, you have the choice what information will be sent over BLE. You can choose the output in the configuration file, the options are XCTRACER, LK8EX1, LXWP0, FlyNet, and BlueFly. Please choose only one of them. And choose the one that is compatible with your app.

FlyskyHy (iOS): BLE string XCTRACER, forwardGPSSentences=no 

Skylogger (iOS): BLE string XCTRACER, forwardGPSSentences=no

Thermgeek (iOS): BLE string XCTRACER, forwardGPSSentences=no 

XCSoar (Android, Kobo): BLE string LXWP0, forwardGPSSentences=yes, choose LXNAV as driver in XCSoar

TopHat (Android, Kobo): BLE string LXWP0, forwardGPSSentences=yes

TheVariometer (iOS): LXWP0 or XCTRC or LK8EX1, forwardGPSSentences=no

FlyMe (Android): BLE string LXWP0, forwardGPSSentences=yes or BLE string XCTRACER, forwardGPSSentences=no

Androflight (Android): BLE string XCTRACER, forwardGPSSentences=no 

XCTrack (Android): BLE string XCTRACER, forwardGPSSentences=no

FreeFlight & FreeFlight Pro (iOS): BLE string LXWP0, forwardGPSSentences=yes