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XC Tracer Legstrap

GH050022 17.2.2021.jpg

The Legstrap is ideal for those who value good support and an ideal view of the variometer during flight.

The Legstrap is made of durable, comfortable and elastic material that adapts to the leg.

The specially designed mount, places the XC Tracer Maxx II at the perfect angle for optimal reading of the screen.

The included safety leash serves as an additional attachment of the leg strap to the trousers or harness.

Technical specifications

  • safe and simple 

  • adjustable, elastic Velcro 

  • optimal angle of the holder

  • Extremely durable bracket

  • adapted to XC Tracer Maxx II

  • extra safety leash

  • width 50mm

  • weight 55g

  • best quality

  • Swiss made

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