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Fly better than ever: XC Tracer Maxx II

XC Tracer Maxx Thermal.jpg



Advantages of an XC Tracer variometer

Zero lag accuracy

Preferred by top competition pilots, the XC Tracer provides the core much faster due to its accuracy without lag.

The Mini V has the most sensitive internal accelerometer on the market yet. Exact allocation information is transmitted

to XCTrack. If you lose the core, you will find it faster.

Best in class GPS

GPS receives GPS as well as Glosnass and Galileo and thus offers improved positioning compared to conventional GPS instruments.


Solar powered - The Mini V

XC Tracer Mini V will hold its charge for 20 hours in low light.

The Mini V is perfect for competitions through to vol-bivouacs and weighs only 34 grams,

and the XC Tracer Maxx II is also a light version, weighing only 120 g.

IGC and KML logging
XC Tracer is suitable for all competitions and flying in the XC League and outputs both IGC and KML files.

Thermal sniffing
Optional thermal sniffing function for advanced searches.

Fully customizable
Tones, sensitivity, thermal sniffing, and other features are easy to customize - or just download your favorite pilot's settings.

Complete integration
Links via Bluetooth and USB to XCTrack, FlySkyHy and other leading flight computer apps.

Swiss made

Made in Switzerland, the home of precision instrumentation.

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