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Downloads / Updates

If the USB cable is connected to the XC Tracer and the computer, you can turn on the XC Tracer, and it will operate in USB mode. Here's how:

Connect: First connect the USB cable to the Vario and the computer.

Turn On/Off: Press the red button for about 1 second to turn the device on or off.

Copy files: You can copy files to the Vario or download logs to your computer.

Update firmware: Drag the firmware file to the SD card of XC Tracer to make an update. The process is the same for all firmware files.

The firmware will be installed when the XC Tracer is turned off. Before you turn off the XC Tracer, always eject it from the computer, as you would with a USB flash drive. This ensures that no data is lost.

If the USB cable is not connected and the XC Tracer is turned on, the XC Tracer is in flight mode. To turn it on or off, hold the red button for about 3 seconds.

Important: If you want to download a file, left-click on the link and select "Save link as."

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