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Hello, nice, you are interested in XC Tracer. Actually, we prefer to talk about our products than about us. But well, let's start with our names: We are Lisa and Koni, passionate paragliders and the people behind XC Tracer. Not exactly big players when it comes to the size of our company. But quite ambitious when it comes to the quality and precision of our flight instruments.


As an engineer, I (Koni) didn't want to get it into my head a few years ago that the available variometers were so lame in response and imprecise. I wanted to develop a variometer whose readout matched my feel in the air. Even our first prototype worked better than anything else on the market. With the great support of friends, we got started - since then our company has been on a gratifying climb.


One of my most emotional flying experiences was when I (Lisa) flew over the house in Emmental where I was born and grew up. Our business? I suspect that my pedagogical-social background complements Koni's irrepressible perfectionism quite well!


Saving on material is not our thing. Our Varios are Swiss made. Whenever possible, we try to buy components in Switzerland and Europe or have them manufactured there. On the other hand, "less is more" applies with regard to quantity: If we think a device does not fit a customer's needs, we advise against buying it.


We are passionate about research and development. Only when we are one hundred and twenty percent convinced of a new device do we put it into production. That can sometimes take time, but so what? There are good reasons why more than two-thirds of the Red Bull X-Alps athletes use our Varios. But not only the world class flies better with XC Tracers - a lot of other pilots including beginners are also happy with our Varios. Speaking of production: Because we found certain processes tedious, we just developed a few small robots for them.


Nevertheless, there is always enough work to do. We are very lucky to be able to count on the help of our friends, especially Lisa's daughters Céline and Gaëlle. Running a business is actually like flying: You start an adventure without knowing what you will experience on the way - and how it will come out.

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