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Don't be surprised if you never have to charge your XC Tracer Mini V during a whole season! The vario has a built-in lithium-polymer battery which, fully charged, lasts for about 30 hours of continuous use. But as the battery is recharged during flight by the built-in solar cells, the autonomy is almost unlimited.


Thanks to the instantaneous climb/descent display, finding and centring thermals is much easier with a Mini V than with a conventional variometer.


  • Simplest operation
  • Lag-free indication of climb/descent rate
  • FANET/FLARM/ADS-L ready, miniaturized antenna
  • Open source obstacle database (in process)
  • Data transfer via BLE to mobile phone/tablet/e-reader
  • IGC and KML logger, approved by FAI for competitions
  • Many compatible apps for Android/iOS
  • Freely configurable sound settings/sound simulator on
  • Accelerometer/Compass/Gyro/Baro/GPS/BLE
  • Solar panel with 22.5% efficiency
  • Runtime with full battery at least 25h without sunshine
  • Firmware update by drag & drop
  • Size: 69.5 x 49.5 x 16.5 mm
  • Weight 46g
  • CE & FCC certification (in process)
  • Swiss made

XC Tracer Mini V

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