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Obstacle Warning

A new firmware for Maxx II is available for download on our homepage: The obstacle warning is now implemented. The obstacles can be downloaded from XContest.

The obstacles are integrated into the airspaces. When approaching a cable, an acoustic alarm occurs about 10 seconds before the calculated collision.

Obstacle Alarm will also be implemented in Maxx and Mini V.

TEC (Total Energy Compensation) is also newly implemented. Please note that TEC is mainly useful for XC- and competition pilots and the average consumer will hardly benefit from it.

What is TEC? In paragliding, there is a continuous conversion of altitude to velocity and vice versa. A TEC vario filters out these effects. This is particularly useful when, for example, you fly at full speed into a small thermal. In such situations, you have to release the speed bar to turn and enter the thermal. Releasing the speed bar converts speed into altitude and the variometer indicates a climb, whether there is a thermal there or not. This makes it difficult or even impossible to center the thermal directly.

TEC solves this problem by filtering out altitude changes due to changes in speed. For example, the swinging of the parachute has hardly any effect on the variometer display. You can now configure TEC in Tone & Alarm. TEC=no means that the conventional vario is used as before. TEC=1000ms means TEC in straight flight and normal vario when flying in thermals, with a transition time of 1000ms from TEC to the normal vario and vice versa. For an EN-B wing, 1000ms is sufficient, while for a competition wing, 3000ms is better suited.

TEC is only available for Maxx II.

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There seems to have happened a change on the xcontest download page. It doesnt give me the "new firmware option". If I choose XC Tracer as an export option I get a .bin file. Device doesnt seem to do anything with it. Please clarify... Also how do I check for a successful implementation other than flying towards a cable. Is there any clue in the device menue? Couldnt find anything... seems a great piece of hardware but documentation and handling need some love (Maxx II)

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