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Mini V Obstacle Warning

There is new firmware for the Mini V available with integrated obstacle warning.

The latest version can be downloaded under Downloads. The obstacle database can be downloaded for free from XContest. Approximately 12 seconds before a calculated collision, the alarm will sound, similar to an American police siren.

In the configuration file, the following settings can be made:

Obstacle warning: NEVER, 1x, 2x, 3x, or ALWAYS

obstacleWarnings=NEVER: The device will never warn you of potential collisions.

obstacleWarnings=1x: The device will warn you only once during a flight of a potential collision with the same obstacle. Approximately 12 seconds before the calculated collision, the device will emit a sound resembling an American police siren. The pitch of the siren increases as you get closer to the obstacle. No alarm will sound if you are flying more than 50 m above an obstacle.

obstacleWarnings=2x or 3x: These settings are recommended to avoid excessive alarms when thermalling near obstacles. The device will warn you two or three times of potential collisions with the same obstacle during a flight.

obstacleWarnings=ALWAYS: The device will always warn you of potential collisions.

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